Monday, July 4, 2016

Last Episode...

Much like Lord of the Rings and a Little Caesars pizza, most good things will eventually come to a close. We decided to work as hard as we could this week and the Lord helped us out everywhere we needed it.

    We sat down in a small home with a couple from Mexico. They had some serious challenges in their lives and wanted things to be better. The family they lived with was taught by the past Elders but this couple was never there. We gave them a Book of Mormon a while ago and the husband had begun to read it. He said, "After you left, I felt like I needed to read the Book of Mormon, I don't know why". the wife who couldn't read the words but was still influenced by the Spirit of the message said, "I was usually really mean to everybody but now I am more patient." I nearly cried hearing how much the Lord had worked with them. Even with the simple strong testimony they bore the atmosphere of the room was still a little chaotic with all the families in the home. But then the Elder I was with, who didn't speak Spanish, said, "Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero," and after looking down at the Book in his hands said,"Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero"(I know the Book of Mormon is true). The few words he knew in Spanish echoed the Spirit his strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. The family is know praying about baptism.

   After watching the Restoration movie with a part member family, a member I was with bore testimony of what we had seen. The Spirit that guided his words was felt by me and everyone else there. The parents cried as their daughter excepted a baptismal date and decided to join the family who has only attended church for the past 2 months.
   When I met up with Elder Noriega after the exchange that night, he said that 3 more people had said they wanted to be baptized. The family that he taught was the A family, who we had stopped visiting for a while. The time to do it was that night and they were totally ready and committed. They came to church on Sunday for the first time in a while.
   The Lord did all these things and we were witnesses to His hand working with the people here. I have seen His help here more than anything. Just like the people at the waters of Mormon, how beautiful is this place, Oklahoma, MIssouri and Arkansas, because this is the place where I came to a knowledge of my Redeemer. He lives and will give all of us the comfort, strength and help we need and desire.

I thank you for your prayers and help you send my way.

Elder Thomas 

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